Introducing the Nuclear Education Trust

The Nuclear Education trust exists to advance education by promoting the study and understanding of, and research into, arms control and disarmament, defence and security, with an emphasis on nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.

A primary concern of the Charity is to make nuclear issues accessible to all regardless of age and ability.  This includes commissioning research to gather a wide range of opinions and funding peace education materials aimed at school children of different ages and abilities. Much of the work supported by the Charity is available to the general public on websites or via free publications. The Charity aims that such work is written to be comprehensible to the general public so as to advance understanding and knowledge of nuclear issues.

Highlighted project: The UK’s National Defence Needs and International Nuclear Disarmament Responsibilities


NET's survey and research into the The UK’s National Defence Needs and International Nuclear Disarmament Responsibilities is now complete.  The launch of the report of the research took place in Parliament on Tuesday 11th February, chaired by The Rt Hon Dame Margaret Beckett MP, former Foreign Secretary and current Chair of the Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy.  

The Rt Hon James Arbuthnot MP, Chair of the Defence Select Committee; Sir Nick Harvey MP, former Defence Minister; the Rt Hon Nick Brown MP, former Chief Whip; Dr Kate Hudson, General Secretary of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament responded to the findings.

All welcomed the report and agreed with the need for greater parliamentary and public discussion of the issues raised by the forthcoming decision on Trident replacement. General Sir Mike Jackson, former Chief of General Staff (Defence) and Admiral Lord Alan West, former Defence Minster, were unfortunately unable to attend to respond to the report's findings.

Click here for further information on the report, including the full findings together with the compiled evidence.

The full report can also be downloaded here.

The report's main finding: