Introducing the Nuclear Education Trust

The Nuclear Education Trust is a UK charity that works to advance understanding of arms control and disarmament, defence and security, with an emphasis on nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, through education and research.

A primary concern of the Charity is to make nuclear issues accessible to all regardless of age and ability.  This includes commissioning research to gather a wide range of opinions and funding peace education materials aimed at school children of different ages and abilities. Much of the work supported by the Charity is available to the general public on websites or via free publications. The Charity aims that such work is written to be comprehensible to the general public so as to advance understanding and knowledge of nuclear issues.

Highlighted project: British military attitudes to nuclear weapons and disarmament

NIS militarycritics3difflevelsSmlA ground-breaking study into how the UK's military community views nuclear weapons and disarmament has highlighted significant concerns about the costs and risks of Trident, raising questions about its future. The funding crisis facing the Ministry of Defence means that nuclear weapons spending is increasingly seen as unjustifiable when conventional equipment is needed and many have lost their jobs. Read more...

The study was undertaken jointly by the Nuclear Education Trust and Nuclear Information Service into military attitudes to nuclear weapons. The study obtained information through interviews with a range of ex-services personnel conducted over an eight month period from July 2014 – February 2015.  

For details, read the full report and executive summary.